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A Robust Gun Oil With Attitude

Our Gun Oil is easy to apply with any microfiber cloth (which we provide you with every purchase). It is also versatile, working with all types of firearms.

The easy-screw top allows quick application in some of the more demanding environmental scenarios. It is easy to open in the extreme cold. It is also easy to apply in a dead summer heat. The lengthier container means less handling problems while using gloves or hunting in wet conditions. There are no needles to lose and no plastic to puncture.

The Gun Oil container itself is a strong aluminum. It is able to sustain the weight of other objects in a gun bag or backpack and all of the heavy action required on a hunting trip.

Most people do not realize this, but ACTUAL cowboys created Carson City Gun Oil. Buying our oil, supports some of the coolest cowboys left in the Wild West!

Buy Carson City Gun Oil and Become a Cowboy Yourself!

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