The Original Carson City Gun Oil

If you are looking for a gun oil with grit, look no further! The original Carson City Gun Oil was carefully formulated and crafted by some of the world’s most avid gun enthusiasts! Our experts are real, modern day cowboys, and the last of the Wild West. They go through the harshest terrains, handling the toughest of jobs, and they require a gun oil that can keep up!

Why It’s So Reliable

Carson City Gun Oil comes in one of the industry’s strongest containers available. It is, in fact, one of the ONLY oils packaged in a sturdy, metallic chamber. Our oil is used to being used on the go, during hunting trips, and at rest. Each oil comes with its own microfiber gun cleaning cloth which easily wraps around the container itself.

Who Uses Carson City Gun Oil?

While our creators are of notable enthusiast-oriented backgrounds themselves, people of all kinds of firearm backgrounds love Carson City Gun Oil. Everyone from the casual gun owner to a full-blown military gunman select Carson City Gun Oil as their firearm oil of choice!

Works With All Firearms

All types of firearms benefit from routine cleaning and oiling. Carson City Gun Oil works well with pistols, firearms, and shotguns. It is easy to carry in almost any gun bag or hunting sack. It’s so sleek, it will even fit in your pocket and it also looks great on display!

Use It All The Time

Depending upon the type of firearm and how often the gun may be used, cleaning and oiling routines greatly vary. Carson City Gun Oil is an appropriate selection for the casual gun owner, who only needs to oil their firearm a couple times a year; and it is also appropriate for a regular weekend warrior!

First Time Trying Carson City Gun Oil?

If this is your first time trying our gun oil, shipping is 100% on us! Use the coupon code MODERNCOWBOY at check out for free shipping!